Newsletter 2013

Newsletter 2013

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Our REACH students have reached a major milestone.  They graduated from Lidgerwood in June and moved on to 7th grade at Garry Middle School! We no longer bus them to the Boys and Girls Club at the end of the school day. Garry has provided an afterschool classroom allowing our students the flexibility of attending either REACH or extra-curricular activities on any given day. Almost all the students have attended REACH for at least part of the week, and many attend everyday.


Garry has been very accommodating and supportive of REACH by including our Project Coordinator, Lauren Garske, in staff meetings and giving her an office. What has made this huge transition from elementary to middle school significantly easier for our students is the fact that Lauren is there for them during the school day. They frequently stop by her office. She has truly been a secure base for them.  She also stays in contact with REACH students who are at other schools by visiting them at least once a month, as do their lunch buddies. Some of these students make the effort to come to Garry whenever possible; some, once a week.  Please visit our new, improved website to see what is happening at REACH and what our students have to say.


Compared to non-REACH students, REACH is doing well.  59% of our students are in accelerated English, compared to 39% of other 7th graders attending Garry, and 48% of our students are in accelerated Math, compared to 26% of other Garry 7th graders. According to the 2012-2013 MSP (Measurements of Student Progress) scores, REACH exceeded both the school district average and the state average in math. In reading, REACH exceeded the school district average, but not the state average. Out of 17 Title 1 Schools in Spokane, REACH was 5th in Math and 5th in Reading. 


For the second year in a row our auction in May grossed over $100,000 with $50,000 earmarked for the college GET (Guaranteed Education Tuition) account.  There were over 80 new attendees, and 91 people raised their paddles for the GET program compared to 82 last year.  We had rave reviews about the venue—the old Kennel in the Martin Center at Gonzaga University--which we have reserved again for next year on Thursday, May 29, 2014 (Memorial Day is Monday, May 26).  The highlight of the auction was the incredible speeches by two REACH students.  Thanks to them and all who attended, purchased items, raised their paddles or contributed in other ways, our auction was a huge success. 


In grants this year we have received $5,000.00 from the Ludlow Foundation and $20,000 from the Quest Foundation. We are waiting to hear from Women Helping Women and the Inland Northwest Community Foundation. For those of you employed, you can write in Reach for the Future! as your designated non-profit for United Way.  We are almost halfway through our time with our REACH students (5 years down and 6 to go).  We have also raised about half the money necessary for the students’ college tuition fund.  We have done well, but still have a long way to go. We would appreciate your help in continuing donations and spreading the word to others who may want to contribute to guaranteeing college tuition and a brighter future for our REACH students.


Thank you for all your support.  This endeavor of helping our students graduate from high school and providing them with college tuition assistance is one big team effort. Thank you, team!!


Paul and Neice Schafer           Frank and Patsy Etter        Irv and Angie Zakheim