Newsletter November 2012

Newsletter November 2012

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Dear Friends,

It is hard to believe that our 46 REACH students are now in the 6th grade—their last year at Lidgerwood. We are working hard to prepare our students for a successful transition from elementary to middle school. We have meetings scheduled with middle school staff to make plans on how REACH can best function in relation to middle school. Lidgerwood feeds into Garry MS.

Several of the students have transferred to other schools, mostly in Spokane. All the ones in town are visited by their lunch buddies or Lauren Garske, our Project Coordinator. Lauren keeps track of their academic progress and informs them of REACH’s online educational offerings. Even though they are no longer at Lidgerwood, many of them are still able to attend the afterschool program at the Boys and Girls Club. We added four new students to the program who entered the class after second grade when the promise of college tuition assistance was made. All students in the class had the opportunity of after school tutoring even though they were not guaranteed scholarships. These four who regularly attended the after school program have now been granted college tuition assistance.

For the second year in a row the REACH students scored 1st out of 17 Title 1 schools in Reading. They also scored 2nd in Science and 8th in Math. Generally, the REACH students continue to outperform non REACH students in their own classrooms in all three subjects. This year a major focus in the after school program is helping the students improve their math skills. Kudos to our students and to our dedicated tutors for such good academic results.

This summer we met with Dr. Shelley Redinger, the new superintendent of Spokane Public Schools, who was making an effort to meet with all the community partners. REACH was invited to present our program to the School Board this October. Lauren showed a short video about REACH and Alyson, one of our students, talked about what REACH meant to her. She did an amazing job for a 6th grader. The board president mentioned that she would be a hard act to follow.

Our auction in May raised more money than ever. We netted over $106,000.00 with $60,000.00 ear- marked for the GET tuition account. Many, many thanks to all who attended, purchased items or contributed in other ways. The auction continues to grow. Next year we will be in an even larger venue on the Gonzaga campus—the old Kennel in the Martin Center. Please save the date—Thursday, May 30th, 2013 (Memorial Day is May 27). Again, for this year’s auction is an old 3-bedroom renovated Italian farmhouse located in Chianti, Tuscany, Italy--plus other great items.

The Ludlow Foundation awarded us $5,000 again this year. We have received $5,000 from the Quest Foundation and will receive the remaining $5,000 in 6 months. For those of you still employed, you can write in Reach for the Future! as your designated non-profit for the United Way. Please tell your friends and family. With all of your help we are approaching the halfway mark in terms of the tuition fund. But we have a considerable way to go and would appreciate any financial assistance you can give for providing a more promising future for our REACH students.

Thank you for your continuing interest and support—both financial and volunteer. The students are progressing. The promise is coming closer to a reality.

Paul and Neice Schafer Frank and Patsy Etter Irv and Angie Zakheim