Get to know the Reach for the Future! program

Nicole and Xuan got to spend some quality time with the animals at Spokanimal on Monday.

Our Reach! students had the opportunity of touring Zak! Designs in Airway Heights. Zak! Designs makes dinnerware and on-the-go children's products, with one of their biggest clients being Disney. Zak! Designs was started in 1976 by Irv Zakheim, who also happens to be one of the sponsors for Reach for the Future!, along with his wife Angie.

Thank you to everyone who voted in STCU's "Who do you love?" contest. Although we did not win, we really appreciate all the support we received. Congratulations to the winners, KYRS Community Radio, Double J Dog Ranch, and Camp Stix Diabetes Program. There are a lot of great programs doing wonderful things for the Spokane Community.


Last Day to Vote!

Today is the last day to vote for Reach! in STCU's "Who do you Love" contest. Please click on the link and vote! We will have the results on Monday. Thank you to everyone who has shown their support for Reach! over the last week by voting!

With the intense 2 week Reach! Winter Olympic Games coming to an end Reach! held closing ceremonies on Monday. Blake took home the gold medal, with Xuan in a close second, and Sarah taking home the bronze. It was a well fought battle in which most of the Reach! students participated.

You all made it happen!! We are one of the ten finalists for the Spokane Teacher Credit Union's "Who do you love?" contest. We just can't thank you enough. NOW, though, you need to vote for us. You can vote once a day until February 28th. Remember, we have a chance to win $2,500, $1,500, or $1,000.

Reach! students kicked off their own Winter Olympics yesterday during our opening ceremony. Thanks to Bob Luby, a long time Reach!


A Day at the Movies

Eleven Reach for the Future! students, accompanied by 7 Reach! volunteers, ventured downtown yesterday in the snowy weather to go see the movie, "Different Drummers." This movie is set and produced in Spokane and is a true story about Lyle (who co-wrote and co-directed the film) who befriends David, wheelchair bound by muscular dystrophy, and who is growing progressively weaker.

Three of our Reach! students had the honor of attending a field trip to Haakenson which is an interior design firm. The students learned all about what it takes to become an interior designer, and learned that the job entails much more than just picking out carpet and wallpaper. They also learned that as an interior designer you can specialize in commercial design or residential.


Robotics Competition

Here is one of our Reach! students,Titus, competing in his first Robotics Competition at Garry. Through one of his elective classes, Advanced Technology, he is able to compete against different schools. The goal is to maneuver his car through the difficult obstacle course in four minutes or less, which Titus was able to accomplish. Way to go!


We reached our goal!

Thank you to everyone who helped us reach our goal of $50,000 and a "little bit more" in our holiday fund drive. We are proving that "the village" is willing to help our Reach students. A total of 92 "villagers" gave. We are so very grateful!!

Reach for the Future! would like to thank the Thomas J. & Gail D. Stevenson Fund and the Inland Northwest Community Foundation for a $2,000 grant award. Tom and Gail have been long time Reach supporters. We wish them a merry Christmas from a very thankful heart.

Our Reach! students were busy making these beautiful Christmas tress last week during the program. Many of the students gave them as gifts to their parents. It was definitely a favorite project among the students. Thank you, Billie Etter, Jackie Etter, and Patsy Etter for donating the trees, ornaments, ribbon and glue guns, and for making this awesome project possible!


Medicine Wheel Powwow

Last Friday I had the pleasure of attending Medicine Wheel's last Powwow at the Community School. One of our Reach students, Blake Dashiell and his brother, were active drummers, singers, and dancers. I was even pulled on the dance floor! Thank you, Blake, for the invitation. What a wonderful event for everyone in our community!

Reach for the Future! would like to thank Inland Northwest Community Foundation for their $10,000 grant, announced December 13th. The support from this prominent organization has been so beneficial to us over the years. This is the 5th year we have received a grant from them and we are humbled by their strong belief in us.

The Reach for the Future! students participated in SpokAnimal's Mega Adoption Event last Saturday at Downtown Subaru. Each student was paired with a partner and given a dog or a cat with the task of trying to find their animal a new home. This event was incredibly successful and the kids had a blast helping out.

Dane sitting in as Director

Our Reach! students were put to work on the set of Gonzaga University's TV news show as directors, camera men & women, and a teleprompter coordinator. These three students attended this field trip because they are possibly interested in pursuing a career in media productions one day. A big thank you to everyone at GU TV, especially Dan Garrity, for the interactive learning experience.

Hello, my name is Jaylen Fourstar. Some of you reading this may remember me becasue I was the one who gave the speech at the Reach auction on Gonzaga's campus last year. But I didn't write this to tell you about that. I am writing this because I would like to tell you about "INME." You must be a little confused. "INME" stands for Inland Northwest Math Experience.

Spokane Public Schools Recognizes Reach for the Future!

Reach for the Future! was one of the community organizations recently recognized at the Spokane Public Schools Community Partnership breakfast event in late October. This is the second time Spokane Public Schools has honored Reach for the Future! The first award came in November 2008 when Spokane Public Schools named Reach for the Future! Partner of the Month. Reach!

Hi my name is Blake Dashiell

Hi my name is Blake Dashiell. I am a Reach student. Our Reach room is now at Garry in one of the classrooms. On a daily basis I am working on my algebra homework. Without the volunteers I would never get it done right at home. As of now I have straight A's. My favorite teacher is my algebra 1 teacher Mr. Ferris. I got in the Reach program in 4th grade.