Get to know the Reach for the Future! program


Field Trip to Garco

Clay Conrad, lead architect at Garco Contruction, teaching students about the profession

What I learned at Garco Construction was that architects help design buildings for businesses, schools and other things like the Spokane Arena. I learned that nothing is cheap. Did you know that high schools could cost up to $50 million?? I also learned that there are old and new ways to design buildings. If you design a building the old way you do a scaled drawing.


My name is Sarah

My name is Sarah

My name is Sarah, and I’m a 7th grader at Garry Middle School. I’m also a participant in Reach for the Future and I have been since 2nd grade. Reach has been so helpful with school. It’s gotten my grades up, it helps me focus more on school and it’s just nice to be with all my Reach friends. My experience with Reach is wonderful.

Group Photo

In the Spring of 2103, Reach for the Future! donors were invited to an appreciation dinner at the Boys Girls Club. Students hosted this event and served the guests pizza and homemade cookies, freshly baked by one of our Reach! students.