Field Trip

Hello, my name is Jaylen Fourstar. Some of you reading this may remember me becasue I was the one who gave the speech at the Reach auction on Gonzaga's campus last year. But I didn't write this to tell you about that. I am writing this because I would like to tell you about "INME." You must be a little confused. "INME" stands for Inland Northwest Math Experience.


Field Trip to Garco

Clay Conrad, lead architect at Garco Contruction, teaching students about the profession

What I learned at Garco Construction was that architects help design buildings for businesses, schools and other things like the Spokane Arena. I learned that nothing is cheap. Did you know that high schools could cost up to $50 million?? I also learned that there are old and new ways to design buildings. If you design a building the old way you do a scaled drawing.